Sunday, November 8, 2015

These small tips in choosing your travel photos and family needs

The camera is the indispensable companion with everyone in the tour, to keep for themselves the most beautiful range. So the search needs, shopping travel photo machines is essential needs. Many people only care how much the dots to determine the better of air, this view is not entirely correct.


The first criteria to choose a camera travel compact design is right there, easy to carry in the away, can take on the hand or Pocket. There are now quite a lot of cameras with zoom lens design is quite long but compact as: as Sony HX50V with 30 x optical zoom. The machines are compact design 28 mm wide angle lens, usually this is the ideal parameters for shooting landscapes, or capturing group.


The resolution of the machine are factors that determine the sharpness, the higher the resolution can print large format with high image quality. On the market today the popular machines are fairly high resolution 15MP, usually on the selection should have high resolution gives you the sharpest image.


ISO one of three important factors deciding the quality of photos you desire. ISO is the quantity used to measure the light sensitivity of the image sensor to light, the higher the ISO the more light is large and vice versa. In low light conditions, then please upgrade to ISO up high real until you feel bright enough, but weak point when pushing the ISO up so high it may shatter. The current popular tourist usually has the ISO 1600 or 3200 limit the maximum ISO image upgrade breakage. To own the picture comments bright enough then please adjust this parameter manually should not be to in Auto (intelligent Auto), then in many cases may also be missing.


With the big screen will help you review the captured image is easy, on the market today usually air usually has a screen size from 2 inches to 3 inches, and there are a number of screen. Larger screen also has a restriction is more energy consumption, affect the trip, should be considered when choosing.

The camera is equipped with a flash to light the lack of conditions such as shooting in the night, in the House, the night ... just enough bright flash within 3 to 4 m.


When traveling I take pictures in good conditions as are moving, the car is running, shooting with slow speed, low light thoặc when the zoom was out, such situations, the antivibration feature will help you to solve the difficult problem.

There are two ways of antivibration optical shake is available in the lens or digital vibration resistant due to the processor of the defibrillator. Antivibration handle available in optical lenses, the better.


The camera tours always available extra features is filming the new series, then standard HD movie recording is a normal thing. Movie quality is decided on the parameters such as: the frame size 240 x 320 or 480 x 640, frames are calculated by a second The camera often use lithium-ion batteries, a battery or AA AA crap, your use of AA batteries will be flexible when going to places where no power source, but quite bulky. Also quite compact, but lithium battery fast.


Not only are interested in styling, features serve the needs but also to pay attention to these components. The camera raw dialog box must pay in full as the battery, colourful wire, cable connection with the computer, the CD to install the program, instruction manual. Also you need to gift promotion comes as the memory card, the bag hit air ...

In addition you can also you can equip yourself to a tree to better capture during travel. Should be equipped with his own multiple memory cards with a capacity of small and medium, and copy the data to another memory card. To avoid the situation of failure or loss of data during migration.


One thing that should concern customers in the purchase process is the condition of warranty repairs when your in trouble. Please check the address of your machine warranty, also make sure that your machine has warranty system worldwide when you travel abroad if in trouble. On the market today have a lot of popular cameras line are full of features as well as appropriate pricing, in order to cater to the needs of tourism. To make the decision to buy a camera choice you are really wise to learn before buying as well as in the process of selecting check in the store.

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