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These applications need to have when traveling

With the application of this article, you will not need to worry about with your friends and relatives to travel almost anywhere.

Today, the demand of human travel become more powerful and more diverse. The travel service provider package when visiting a site, it's an Amazing view, a beach was gradually replaced by such forms as phượt, travel own design, where the participants had experience as well as her own exploration of where they don't know.
However, when you don't have tour guide, you will be very difficult to find a way, looking for the food production, or check the price of services exist around places where you are. These, the smartphone in hand you will work a strong and become a partner of each trip. The applications below will help you time your travel convenient and perfect more.


Sure, the map is a part of every trip there is no new discovery. And there was a lot of maps provided on this Play, in parallel, we can't replace the product of "The search giant" by accuracy and accompanied by a lot of information. Google Maps combined with smart GPS system will be your excellent way for you. (However still encourage you to use specialized applications for places where you're standing, for example Vietmap is for Vietnam for example.. ).


During a time of integration, demand for travel overseas Vietnamese individual and the world generally becoming more. And in order to blur distance language as well as easily read the instructions, menu in the restaurant, simple communication with local people, you need a dictionary of all. Google:631 would assume that. Feature voice recognition is the dominance of application, you just need to talk to smartphone in English or a language, the content immediately translated into the language you choose.


Vehicle when traveling your ? Motorbikes, cars, bikes or cruise ship fire, all are used in short range. Today, many people use the plane as a convenient vehicle and quickly. To find fares, hours of flying, the flight, you can't see through application Skyscanner. This application will help tourists find the cheapest plane tickets by comparing prices of tickets for millions of flight from a lot of different airlines in just a few seconds at a time. When you select the appropriate ticket, this application can connect to the airline and allows you to set a ticket immediately.


This application is known as the dictionary of comprehensive guide for people traveling, especially phượt population. TripAdvisor famous with the data information travel giant. Visitors can have a room, register your flight reservation, a lot of the famous city, where you prepare. Superiority than other applications, TripAdvisor link with website owners, inherently is a discussion forum revolved around the topic travel. You can find advice, opinions and ratings of thegy millions of members from all over the world.
In addition, features Near Me Now, it can also help you find locations around them like a restaurant, a customer clean, restaurant locations list view famous blue very convenient. You can also find his way as a map to navigate through tour could put.


Eating is one of the most amazing thing considering before traveling. Eat, drink ? The question is always going to have to put up with each trip. On foursquare will help you answer that question. With on foursquare, tourists can look up the advice, comments, comparing visitors from the front of the location, where it belongs. With this application, you can find the best places in closest to me and also to film and share to social network directly from the application.
This is the 5 apps on the preparation required before you join a trip. Just need to own a smartphone, you've got a guide book in hand travelers wonderful. However the apps on support of the site, the information in Vietnam. And yet, if you like to travel in the country can point through the startup like : Triposo - Vietnam Travel Guide, TFlat Citypass, Vietnam, RightNow COVERSHEET convo ...
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