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How to change the name Facebook too 5 times or not enough 60 days

If before, Facebook only allows you change the name of Facebook in five years time, with updates recently Facebook has changed the name Facebook allows you unlimited times change. However, real-time is between 2 times change is 60 days. Because of that, when you need to consider when performing renamed his Facebook.
A the problem is if you want to execute change the name again but it's not enough time to do 60 days? In this article, we will share with you the tricks to help you can make changes in the name of the time.

Note the need to avoid when Facebook too 5 times change the name or not enough 60 days

Change the name in Facebook is definitely a lot of work done by Facebook users who want to have a real name to his Facebook beautiful and impressive. However, most people don't know that Facebook will rename blocked for 60 days for the next.
Therefore, a number of people who take advantage of this and share it with all the way to change the name to change the name Facebook Facebook too 5 times or not enough 60 days but in fact they guide you insert the code like auto, Auto, Auto TAG. Microsoft Unicode posted, Facebook chat to friends with advertisements or images is not healthy for your turn to view on their website.
code doi ten facebook
The image shown here for the guidelines is not valid.

To avoid the Website

For the guide to change the name Facebookyêu bridge you can access to the websiteof Facebook or not the Copy operation Ctrl+ C, Ctrl + V Paste the code into the section duyêt, ...... Now let's turn this site if you don't have to "trouble".

How to implement change Facebook name is limited to 60 days or 5 times.

At 1: Transfer to English language Facebook and change the name

This is how I've done successfully, you can reference the steps performed below:
Step 1: Login Facebook accounts on your Chrome or Firefox
Step 2: access the link:  
The interface page set up Facebook accounts appeared, you choose to edit in the target language
doi ten facebook qua 5 lan 60 ngay
Keep looking and select English language >> Save changes
doi ten facebook qua 5 lan 60 ngay
Now, you can select Items Matching ... button in mbox file and execute change the name that you want to
doi ten facebook qua 5 lan 60 ngay

Way 2: Send the image of you and ask for change CMND name Facebook

With this method, only for the change you missed your name is misspelled, but lack of balance or a character or nickname you want to add to his Facebook .....
You can send images to your CMND for Facebook, because your information will not be guaranteed by sharing outside of the policy regarding the use of Facebook.
Note: this is just for you to change the name to match the name of CMND alias, or want to add Facebook to my name. If you use other special CMND-in, you will not use this way.
You may review the steps performed below:
Step 1: access to the Help of Facebook:  
Step 2: Enter the new information that we need to change your name in the form of:
 doi ten facebook qua 5 lan 60 ngay
After you have completed the information above, you select button Send.
Step 3: Now you just need to wait for at least a day to Facebook and browse to change the name just for you.

The Bottom Line

There are two ways you can perform the Rename Facebook when it's 5 times or not enough 60 days. However, if you have other tricks that can help change your name when Facebook is limited, you can share the same we in comments below to create a full article about how to change the name Facebook for everyone.
I wish you success!
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